Mike & Theresa

September 18, 2010


These are only 1/3 of the entire wedding album, please feel free to contact me if you you want to place an order, have any questions or would like to see additional images of a particular shot taken.


PRINT PRICES  ( 60% off )

4x6              2.00

5x7              8.00

8x10          12.00

10x13        20.00

11x14        30.00

16x20        60.00

Wallets(8)  12.00

CD (Med-Rez) w/ copyright stamp  20.00


Shipping & Handling    $5.00

Volume discounts available.  Orders are also accepted by email by just providing photo numbers.

Photo numbers can be seen by hovering mouse over image and looking at lower Explorer bar. ( Example "....Mike&Theresa_005.jpg"  is images number 5 )

Prices are for this event only. Prices will expire on December 31, 2011

Checks, Cash, and PayPal (credit card) accepted. Please call or write for questions or mailing address.


Thank you !   .....And Congratulations and Best Wishes Always, Mike & Theresa




Copyright Ryche Guerrero. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any image without the artist's written consent is strictly prohibited and against United States Law.


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