CVFD Station 3, 20304 FM 1093, Richmond, Texas 77469

    CVFD Station 1, 16003 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, Texas 77083

    Somewhere Else Coffee Shop, Magnolia, El Cajon, California

    Scurry County Museum, Snyder, Texas




AWARDS    Oil Painting, Pencil, Photography: Portraiture, Photojournalism


CONTRIBUTIONS    Muscular Dystrophy Association, Grieving Behind the Badge, Ronald McDonald House Charities, WTC 9/11 World Memorial


CHARITY SALE       ( 15% of sales go to Charity . New ! )




STOCK PHOTOGRAPHS   ( Other lists coming soon.... )



    For sale for publication, advertisement, artwork, and education. Most photos are from REAL incidents.

    Some photos may require releases. Photos may be used for investigations and court trials.


I.                    Types of Fire

A.                 House

B.                 Townhouse

C.                 Building

D.                 Apartment

E.                  Truck

F.                  Car

G.                 Pile of Junk Cars

H.                 Tractor

I.                    Dumpster

J.                   Garage

K.                Grass

L.                  Storage Trailer

M.               Fireworks Stand

N.                Parking Garage

O.                Trash

P.                  Nitrous Oxide Fuel

Q.                Boat

R.                 Pressure Washer

S.                  Gas Well

T.                  Restaurant

U.                 Window

V.        18-Wheeler CV

W.        Bridge

X.         Trees

Y.         Fuel Tanker


II.                 Fire Suppression

A.                 Fast Attacks

B.                 Deck Gun

C.                 Interior Attacks

D.                 Tower

E.                  Defensive Attacks

F.                  Ladder

G.                 Shoveling & Stomping

H.                 Booster

I.                    Fire Extinguisher

J.                   Foam

K.        Exposure Control

L.        Crash Units


III.               Fire Personnel

A.                 Male

B.                 Female

C.                 Race

1.      White

2.      Black

3.      Hispanic / Latin

4.      Asian

5.      Middle Eastern

D.                 Senior

E.                  Middle-Age

F.                  Young Adult

G.                 Groups

H.                 Close-Ups

I.                    Formal Attire

J.                   Casual Attire

K.                Battle Gear

L.                  Chief

M.               Asst. Chief

N.                Captain

O.                Incident Commander

P.                  Lieutenant

Q.                Engineer

R.                 Rookie

S.                  Honor Guard

T.                  Hazard Material Supervisor

U.                 Arson Investigator

V.                 Arson Photographer

W.               Fire Marshall

X.                 Public Information Officer

Y.                 Emergency Medical Technician

Z.                  Paramedic / First Responder

AA.           Flight Nurse

BB.            Pilot

CC.           Rehab Assistant

DD.           Heavy Rescue Technician

EE.             Fire Photographer

FF.             Dispatcher

GG.           Chaplain

HH.           Commissioner

II.                  Mechanic

JJ.        Military Police


IV.              Extrication / Rescue

A.                 Vehicle

1.      Car

2.      SUV

3.      Van

B.                 Candy Machine

C.                 Soda Machine

D.                 Elevator

E.                  Coast Guard Helicopter Basket Lift


V.                 Emergency Medical Services

A.                 Types of Care

1.      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

2.      Intubations

3.      Head, Back and Body Immobilization / Splinting

4.      Oxygen / Breathing Treatment

5.      Stopping Bleeding and Open Wounds

6.      Checking Blood Pressure

7.      Starting IVís

8.      Checking Eye Dilation

B.                 Types of Locations

1.      Motor Vehicle Collisions

2.      On Street

3.      Homes

4.      Fire Scene Rehab

5.      Hospital Emergency Room

6.      Back of Ambulance

7.      In Air Ambulance

C.                 Types of Injuries

1.      Head Trauma

2.      Body Trauma

3.      Bleeding

4.      Gunshot Wounds

5.      Stabbings

6.      Broken Ankle

7.      Broken Neck

8.      Burns


VI.              Motor Vehicle Collisions

A.                 Vehicle Types

1.      Sedan

2.      Pick-Up

3.      Sport

4.      SUV

5.      18 Wheeler

6.      Police Cruiser

7.      Motorcycle

B.                 Type of Collision

1.      Head On

2.      T-Bone

3.      Roll Over

4.      W/ Multiple Vehicles (Pile Up)

5.    Rear Ending

6.      Entrapment

7.      Tree

8.      Ditch

9.      Electric Box

11.     Brick Wall

12.    Deer

13.  Building / House / Garage

14.  Fence


VII.            Major Tools in Use

A.                 Hose

B.                 Deck Gun

C.                 Axe

D.                 Haligan

E.                  Ladder

F.                  Pike Pole

G.                 Jaws of Life

H.                 Exhaust Fan

I.                    Radial Saw

J.                   Jig Saw

K.                Control Panel

L.                  Conservation Covers

M.               Thermal Imaging Camera

N.                Radio

O.                Hydrant Wrench

P.                 Jacks


VIII.         Fire / EMS / Rescue Departments

A.                 Community VFD

B.                 Houston FD

C.                 Northeast Fort Bend County FD

D.                 Richmond FD

E.                  Rosenberg FD

F.                  West I-10 VFD

G.                 Fulshear/Simonton VFD

H.                 Magnolia VFD

I.                    League City FD

J.                   Webster FD

K.                Sugar Land FD

L.                  Highland Village FD

M.               Pecan Grove FD

N.                Southeast Houston FD

O.                Friendswood FD

P.                 Little York VFD

Q.        Los Angeles City FD

R.        Los Angeles County FD

S.        San Diego City FD

T.        San Diego County FD

U.       California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire)

V.       San Diego Bomb Squad

W.      El Cajon FD

X.       Riverside County FD

Y.      Westlake FD

Z.      Cy Fair VFD

AA.   Willowfork VFD

BB.    Katy FD

CC.    Woodlands FD

DD.    Memorial Hermann Life Flight

EE.     Montgomery County VFD

FF.     LifeNet Arizona

GG.    Sycuan FD

HH.    National City FD

II.       Federal FD

JJ.       United States Department of Forestry

KK.    Eastex VFD

LL.     Spring VFD

MM.   Aldine VFD

NN.    Westfield VFD

OO.   Northeast VFD

PP.    Santee FD

QQ.    MCAS Miramar Crash Units



IX.              Burnt Scenes / Objects

A.                 House

B.                 Apartment

C.                 Townhouse

D.                 Car

E.                  Television

F.                  VCR

G.                 Sewing Machine & Table

H.                 Light Bulb

I.                    Mattresses

J.                   Fence

K.                Pressure Washer

L.                  Aquarium

M.               Clothes

N.                Electric Socket

O.                Book

P.                  Hallway

Q.                Hose

R.                 Kitchen Pantry

S.                  Fireworks Stand

T.         Camera

U.        Refrigerator

V.        Beds

W.       Fuel Tanker

X.        Pictures

Y.        Washing Machine

Z.        Fire Helmet


X.                 Line of Duty (Other)

A.                 Commanding

B.                 Investigating

C.                 Engineering

D.                 Driving

E.                  Oil/Fuel Cleanup

F.                  Fill the Boot

G.                 Firefighter Funerals

H.                 Rolling Up Hose

I.                    General Equipment Washdown

J.                   Dispatching

K.                Media Briefing

L.                 Photographing

M.       Traffic Control

N.        Flying Helicopter

O.        Bulldozing

P.        Road Dirt Washdown

Q.       Report Writing


Other STOCK topics coming soon...

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