Prices subject to change without notice.

Travel expenses may apply to assignments outside San Diego County .

Sitting fees are non-refundable.

Deposit required for Weddings and larger assignments. Non-refundable.


Custom Session Rates   ( Portraits * Headshots * Glamour * Fashion * Boudoir * Family )

$ 250 / first 1-2 hours. Hi resolution enhanced images on CD, One signed 8x10 Print per hour.

$ 100 for every hour after.


*  Ask about any current seasonal specials or model rates.


Masterpiece Collection ( Signature Portrait Series )

$ 1000




Beautiful and Classic Romantic. A comprehensive collection of traditional portraits and photojournalism from two photographers. Because of the growing demand for customized personal albums, our wedding packages do not include albums any longer; we leave it to the client's discretion. We can only give you suggestions, recommendations, and referrals, or we can order albums for you. Video coverage is also available.

Packages  *

A:         $ 1500    Prince & Princess

 B:        $ 2500    Storybook

 C:        $ 3500    Royal

  D:       $  4500    Grandeur

    E:    $ 250    Wedding Party Set (must be ordered within 3 months after wedding)


    F:    $125/hr   Add a Professional Videographer


* A non-refundable $250 retainer fee will reserve your wedding date and will be applied toward

the remaining balance. The remaining balance is due on or before the day you receive your prints.

Payment plans are acceptable. I also charge by the hour or add additional hours at $250/hour with

24-36 prints/hour. Weddings rates are higher than regular event/session pricing.



Bridal or Engagement Sessions

   A:       $ 350        Platinum

   B:       $ 450        Diamond




* Rates are estimates and determined by MUA.



SPECIAL OCCASIONS (aside from weddings)

Exclusively for parties, anniversaries, tournaments, competitions, and commercial work. Photojournalistic approach.





E.    Video Coverage by other Professional


Commercial / Advertisement

    Advertisement / Commercial Photography:    (Depends on assignment, Special quote)

    Logo Design:    $ 200

    Hand Calligraphy:    $ 2-5 / letter, minimum of ten letters


Special Assignments

    Surveillance: $100 / Hour / Unlimited exposures + equipment and travel expenses.

    Investigative:  $100/hour, 24 Prints or CD

    Documentary:  (Special Quote)

    24 hr / Emergency Services Contracts Available

    Private and Discreet Services. Confidentiality Assured.


Media / Stock Photos

    Articles / Journals

    Stock Photographs ( Large stock of many subjects. Page of topics is under construction. Write for more info.)


Drawing ( Charcoal, Graphite, or Conte )

    Live Sittings :  $250 Sitting Fee +


Painting ( Oil, Pastel, or Colored Pencil )

    Live Sittings : $420 Sitting Fee +


Enhancements / Remastering

    Photo Restoration:    $ 1 / minute

    Digital Retouching:    $ 1 / minute

    Hand Tint Photographs:    $20 / sq. inch


Reprints & Enlargements  ( A La Carte )

25% off retail print price if ordered within 30 days of session or wedding.

Duplicate print (if ordered same time only), for 50% off.

Prices EACH unless specified in Package Deals or Custom Contracts. Sizes are estimates and slightly vary

depending on the format used ( 35mm, Medium Format 120, Panoramic, Digital ).




CD & Online Services

A:    CD / 100 Digital Images      $ 50.00   

B:    Website Page for photo session CLIENTS    $ 100.00 / Setup and 1st page.

 Used for existing CLIENTS for convenient viewing, ordering, and display.


Gifts   (With purchase of a session)

    100 4x6 1-sided Photo Cards or ZedCards (Designing included)     $75

            ( every 100 more of same design  $50 )

    100 Photo Greeting Cards    $75

    10 Custom Greeting Cards   (Crafted in a special matted card, w/ envelopes) $50

    100 Photo Business/Trading Cards (1-side, includes setup)  $75

    1000 Trading Cards ( 2- sided, session & setup)    $300

    Coffee Mug     $30

    4x6 Proof Box   $100

    Wall Calendar    $50

    Desk Calendar     $40   

    Poster Size  (call)


Private Lessons

    Photography ( All topics )

    Posing People

    Photoshop / Graphic Design




Payment Options

   Cash is U.S. Dollars


    Money Orders

    PayPal (Credit, Debit Cards)

    Bartered goods, services, or advertisement. (Case by case basis)



All services are personally photographed or performed by the artist himself, Ryche Guerrero, unless otherwise requested, noted, or specified. Assistant photographers or equal professionals may take his place only in the event of special assignments, larger jobs or emergencies. The client will be informed.


Prices subject to change without notice.

15% off any package for Military, Firefighters, and Students.



Copyright Ryche Guerrero. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any image without the artist's written consent is strictly prohibited and against United States Law.


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