Art is my life and my passion. I love what I do.


"I specialize in Fine Portraiture. I strive toward perfection and beauty,

and perform my craft with professionalism and excellence.

I want my portraits to Breathe, to have Life, to show Emotion, and most

importantly, be part of someone's Heart."


Special thanks to fellow photographers Rebekkah Chandler, Michael Williamson, Andrea Wardin, and Michelle Harris.

 I also want to thank Michelle Doucette, Earl Stokes, and Yoel Kluk for being great mentors and partners.



Ryche (pronounced 'Richie' ) has a natural talent for drawing, painting, and understanding light.

Photography is his preferred medium; He loves to ( from Greek) "Write with Light".  Among

many fine photographs, Ryche has drawn and painted over three hundred portraits.


"...for dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return..."        - Genesis 3:19

Self-Portrait, 1997, Earth Chalks on Black Paper


He shot it all... From high-end weddings to low-budget surveillance jobs; from cookie-cutter

headshots to action sports; from intimate boudoir to homicide scenes; from breaking news to

paparazzi hunts. He seen it all, he shot it all. His photos tell the truth.


Ryche is mostly a self taught photographer. He has a degree in Painting from

Western Texas College and the University of Houston, and attended a workshop

sponsored by the Texas School of Professional Photography.


Ryche is a native of the Philippines and was naturalized an American citizen at an early age.

He's pretty much your All-American boy. He has traveled extensively and lived

in Chicago, Saudi Arabia, Houston, Los Angeles, and now, San Diego ( loves the beach... ).


He is a member of the Community Volunteer Fire Department in Houston, Texas. He

makes a few runs around the San Diego area and freelances

for magazine's such as Firehouse, FireEngineering, and JEMS. That's his therapy.


His other interests include writing, traveling, and the supernatural. He also hopes to find new

opportunities in the entertainment industry. He's into aquariums, collects knights,

warriors ( Guerrero ), and  rocks & gems. His goal is to become a better person everyday,

help his fellow man, and continue his education. He's currently working to publish at least three

books before his time.



Self-Portrait, Engine 1's Wheel, House-Fire , May 2003


Copyright Ryche Guerrero. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any image without the artist's written consent is strictly prohibited and against International and United States Law.


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